Report a Crime

Catch a Criminal - Get a Reward

***** NOTICE *****

When you report a crime to the Bureau Putnam County Crime Stoppers you are a tipster and under Illinois law your name remains confidential and you can be eligible for a tipster reward if the criteria is met.  If you report information directly to a law enforcement agency you become an informant and your name is not confidential and the reward criteria does not apply.


Crime Stoppers will forward information you have concerning unsolved crimes and wanted fugitives to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Before calling, please be able to give as much detailed information about the crime or fugitive including but not limited to the following:

** What type of crime was committed and /or what the fugitive is wanted for

** When the crime occurred or when the fugitive will be at a specific location

** Where the crime occurred, where the items from the crime can be found or where the fugitive can be located

**Who is involved, their name, nickname, age, date of birth, address, height, weight, tatoos, clothing, vehicle description and people they associate with

** Any other details you think will help law enforcement solve the case or capture the fugitive


An independant board of citizen oversees the CrimeStoppers program, sets policy, raises funds, and organizes countywide participation.  Reward amounts are based on the helpfullness of the information, the severity of the crime, and the amount of potential risks undertaken by the caller to convey the information  Business and citizens donations provide the sole funding base for CrimeStoppers.  The program does not recieve tax dollars.