Mission Statement

The Illinois CrimeStoppers Association is a broad-based crime fighting and crime prevention program made up of both civilians and law enforcement board members whose misson is to develop and facilitate CrimeStoppers programs throughout the State of Illinois.


To promote, through marketing and awareness, the concepts of CrimeStoppers by facilitating the partnership between the community, media, and law enforcement for the purpose of fighting crime.

To promote the creation of local and scholastic CrimeStoppers programs throughout the state.

To provide leadership through the use of an annual state conference, continuing education, resources, statistics and mentoring, as well as maintaining, improving and expanding training programs.

To maintain a high level of program standards through a system of certification.

To communicate through networking and publication and to provide representation at the local, state,national and international level.

To monitor and introduce state legislation that protects the anonymity of the tipsters and the credibility of local programs.

To secure and provide funding to meet state association goals.