Bureau/Putnam County Crime Stoppers is seeking information on several incidents that have occurred in the Bureau/Putnam County areas.

Remember, for almost every crime committed, someone saw something or heard something that will help solve that crime and Crime Stoppers wants that information, not your name!

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Illinois Conservation Police
Criminal Damage to State Supported Property

3/29/24  Sometime during the week ending March 29, 2024, substantial damage was caused to the bathroom facilities along the Hennepin Canal at both the Lock 6 and Lock 17 facilities.  Both areas were vandalized including toilets/urinals being destroyed, toilet paper holders being ripped off the walls, skylights being busted out, graffiti being spray painted on walls both inside and outside, and manhole covers being stolen.

Also damage has been occurring to the parking lots by vehicles doing donuts and destroying the chip rock and gravel.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers.